Itinerary no.3: Archaeological sites


This is a village of Etruscan origin. In the surrounding areas numerous Etruscan ruins have been uncovered, including a necropolis.
In the countryside is the famous wall of the Arce called wall of the Cyclops, built probably in the VI-V century B.C. sign of this town’s importance.


Originally called Etruria, Populonia is the only city built on the sea by the Etruscans: The fourteenth-century fortified hamlet of Populonia overlooks the Gulf of Baratti, known for the beauty of its sea and beach. From the top of the Rocca there are wonderful sights of the Tuscan Maremma, but the most interesting things are the archaeological ruins, particularly the Etruscan ones, scattered throughout the area; a Museum collects the numerous artifacts found during the excavations, still ongoing.