Itinerary no.2: Oasis and reserves

Natural Park of the Maremma
Situated to the south of Grosseto, this park is less than an hour drive from the Estate. It is a group of hills, impervious and wild, surrounded by swamps, pinewoods, fields, and pastures, sloping down towards the sea with sandy beaches and reefs. Sightings of the Maremma bulls, wild boars and foxes are very common.

Bioenergy Reserve of Scarlino-Poggio Spedaletto
This natural reserve is the extension of the natural park of Padule and Costiere. In this area there are Etruscan ruins. The Reserve is the nesting ground for owls, barn owls, and several pairs of kestrels.

The Castiglion della Pescaia reserve
This is considered the most significant wetland in Italy. It is sheltered by pinewoods and the beach of Castiglione della Pescaia, running along the plain that connects the seaside resort with the town of Grosseto.